To promote Jetstar news and their destination in an attractive and effective way.

Created an almost fully Vietnamese issue with 2 feature stories in English. The cover story featured a local celebrity photoshoot. We tried a colourful and fun magazine. Making use of Jetstar’s diverse destinations for other travel related features.

Client: Jetstar Vietnam


How to effectively communicate Sheikha Moza’s vision to further Qatar Foundation as an international think tank to world leaders and politicians alike, and to advertise the great work represented by Qatar Foundation.

We came up with the idea of creating a highly exclusive quarterly magazine that drew on our connections with leading minds around the world. Presented in three segments within the magazine. Upfront news related and topical issues and in the middle we hosted a large opinion piece featuring personalities such as former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad and former Vice-President of Egypt, Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei to share their thoughts. Then 124-page title was hugely successful in communicating with leaders in the UN as well as local statesmen around the world.

Client: Qatar Foundation


The challenge was to promote Silk Air’s news and their destination in an attractive and effective way.

I redesigned the existing magazine to a more modern and templated style where I exhibited a more creative use of typography and arrange for a more reportage style photography.

Client: Silk Air

Awards: 2016 Award of Excellence (APEX) Silkwinds magazine


To promote Singapore Airline’s news and their destination to their PPS club members in a modern and attractive way.

Redesigned the existing magazine to a more modern and templated style where we made use of more renowned Photographers with a stricter grid and making use of more white space.

Client: Singapore Airlines PPS Club

Awards: 2017 Grand Award of Excellence (APEX) Priority magazine
2015 Award of Excellence (APEX) Priority magazine
2014 MPAS Awards, In-flight Media of the Year Priority magazine (Gold)

Destination Singapore

Create a luxury lifestyle magazine that stood out from the crowd.

Making use of typography and white space set this project apart from others. Allowing for plenty of handcrafted illustrations and exclusive photography to take the centre stage was of highest priority, and be creative in the way the headlines and body text was displayed.

Client: Switch Singapore


This was a franchise title so the our task was to localise the content for an middle eastern audience.

We continued the success of the original UK born title with local shoots and news related articles.

Client: Motivate Publishing


ONE15 Marina Club Sentosa needed a redesign and a relaunch of their membership title.

I created a classic looking lifestyle magazine that covered everything from clubs news and membership members at home with interviews to travel lifestyle content and marina related tech features. All presented in a modern and easy to navigate magazine format.

Client: ONE15 Marina Club Sentosa


Emaar needed a highly sophisticated lifestyle magazine to promote their diverse properties and hotels offerings.

We approached this project with a very handcrafted magazine. Coverlines and other pieces of copy were handwritten to give the magazine a highly unique look and feel.

We also used various popular printing effects such as spot uv and special inking to further highlight this. The content circulated around international lifestyle stories together with local celebrities and property displays artfully shot and creatively superimposed double exposure to create a magical and artistic look and feel.

Client: EMAAR

Singapore Business News

Create an online newsletter to effectively inform and introduce EDB’s successful and diverse portfolio of companies they partnered with.

By creating an informative and graphical newsletter that lended itself to make a great use of infographics to explain the various and complicated topics to a mass audience. The covers made use of their corporate branding and blended that seamlessly into the cover art.

Client: Singapore Economic Development Board, EDB


To introduce local and international design and architecture to the uae audience.

We came up with a a very clean looking magazine that had a new typeface for each issue. To make each issue unique and reflect the content in a minimalistic but creative way. The Magazine is still highly successful and created a lot of financial positive spin offs in terms of special supplements.

Client: Motivate Publishing

Awards: 2007 Dubai Print Awards GCC identity magazine (Gold)