Nanyang Polytechnic

Attract prospective O- and N-level students in Singapore and eligible international students students by building awareness of Nanyang Polytechnic and its diverse range of courses, and positioning NYP as the post-secondary tertiary institution of choice.

This included full scope of editorial, design and photography services, including conceptualisation, copywriting and editing.

Client: Nanyang Polytechnic, NYP

Awards: 2017 Award of Excellence (APEX) for Publishing Excellence Youth magazine

Hong Kong Tourism Guide

HKTB wanted to update and create a world-class travel guide to Hong Kong highlighting tourism experiences from an insider’s perspective.

Our concept development, full scope of editorial, design and photography services including copywriting in English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, advertising sales and print production.

Client: Hong Kong Tourism Board, HKTB

Awards: 2018 Gold Astrid Awards Best in Hong Kong – A Traveller’s Guide
2017 Gold Astrid Awards Discover Hong Kong – A Traveller’s Guide